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Logitech G Pro mechanical gaming keyboard caters for professional gamers

logitech-g-proWhen it comes to a gaming keyboard, each gamer has his or her preferred brand for reasons only known to them. Some might find it to suit their gaming style and physiological make up perfectly, while others might want to lean on brand loyalty all the time. Logitech has come very far in the world of gaming peripherals, and the Logitech G Pro is the latest mechanical gaming keyboard from the Swiss brand that will definitely up the ante when it comes to your gaming enjoyment.

 After all, who are we to deny the fact that it has been designed in collaboration with top eSports athletes, delivering a high performance, tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard which has been specially constructed from ground up for professional competition. The keyboard will boast of Logitech’s exclusive Romer-G mechanical switches that are touted to deliver up to 25 percent faster actuation compared to standard mechanical keyboards, in addition to a switch design which delivers quiet performance while you pound at the keys in a furious deathmatch.

Arriving in a compact tenkeyless design, the Logitech G Pro would make it a snap to pack for tournament travel, as it frees up table space for low-sensitivity mouse movement. The keyboard will arrive reinforced with a steel back plate, which adds stability and rigidity for gameplay. The presence of a detachable microUSB connector makes sure that the cable will not break at the connection point when it bounces in a bag and transported between events. With a three-pronged design, there are support arms for an easy, reliable data connection.

The presence of optional Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) will also enable players to select and personalize each individual key light, offering over 16.8 million colors to choose from. You can also save a lighting pattern onto the onboard memory, saving you the trouble from configuring it all over again each time. Expect the Logitech G Pro mechanical gaming keyboard to be available at global retailers from this month onward for $129.99 apiece.

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