Logitech Loud Enough Noise-Isolating Earphones


Mention Logitech and most people would think that you are talking about its computer speakers which offer a whole lot of bang for your buck, or even of their famous range of computer mice. Well, today we won’t be touching on either, but will still have something to do with audio – the Loud Enough Noise-Isolating Earphones. Judging by its name, you can more or less tell that it has some sort of built-in mechanism that limits the loudness of whatever music you’re playing at that point in time. Well, it works that way, but will target a market niche that most manufacturers have missed – kids. After all, there is no better time to teach your little ones something than when they’re young and still malleable, right? Might as well use the Logitech Loud Enough Noise-Isolating Earphones to make sure that they don’t pick up the bad habit of cranking up the volume beyond reasonable listening levels just because it is “cool”, only to suffer from hearing problems many years down the road in their adult life.

Specially designed for kids, the Loud Enough earphones comes with integrated volume control which is capable of reducing the maximum volume of the original source by at least 30% when you compare it to ordinary ear buds. To have a more pictorial comparison, that is the difference between a chainsaw and a loud conversation. It works well with just about any audio playback supporting device that uses a 3.5mm audio port, encompassing a wide range of portable media players, DVD players, portable gaming devices and MP3 players. Thanks to the inclusion of three soft ear-cushions, it ought to be able to fit in most ears as you can choose from extra small to medium for a comfortable and safe listening experience.

Being compact and lightweight also goes some way in helping its case, where it has been specially constructed to handle day-to-day use, being able to live up to the antics of even the rowdiest bunch of kids. You will be able to choose from blueberry (blue), mint (green) or plum (fuchsia) colors, while the inclusion of up to 16 dBs of noise isolation allows kids to enjoy their music and games without being shut off from their parents. Expect to fork out $39.99 for the Logitech Loud Enough Noise-Isolating Earphones.