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Logitech G512 mechanical gaming keyboard boasts of 3 mechanical switches

Logitech G512 mechanical gaming keyboard

While there are many different kinds of gaming keyboards that are available in the market, the mechanical gaming keyboard continues to remain at the forefront of things, and for good reason, too. First of all, the quality and build of such keyboards have endeared itself to gamers, be they casual or serious ones, delivering a performance level that virtually lies the blame of defeat at the doorstep of the gamer as opposed to poor quality hardware. Logitech’s G512 mechanical gaming keyboard now comes with a trio of mechanical switches. This is a fully sized keyboard, so it comes with a numpad and you won’t really need a gaming keypad.

In fact, there are plenty of requests from Logitech’s customers for the company to introduce a mechanical keyboard with “clicky” switches, as people prefer to hear their keyboard. The GX Blue switch for the Logitech G513 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and the all new Logitech G512 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard fits the bill perfectly, with both of these high-performance mechanical gaming keyboards being the progeny of the award-winning design of the G413. Apart from GX Blue, the other different key switch choices are Tactile and Linear. From here, gamers are able to select the switch profile and experience what they want on the spot.

The Tactile key switch, as its name suggests, offers discernible actuation for gamers who prefer direct feedback, whereas those who opt for the Linear version will be able to enjoy a smooth keystroke with each keypress. As for the new GX Blue key switch, users will be able to bask in an audible “click” feedback during actuation, experiencing snappy actuation that one can actually feel and hear.

The Logitech G512 mechanical gaming keyboard is also future-forward, boasting of next level RGB lighting that can be fully customized up to approximately 16.8 million colors, in addition to a quartet of lighting zones that can be configured via the free Logitech Gaming Software. Made from an anodized and brushed aircraft-grade 5052 aluminum top case, this slim, premium design has rigid durability and an integrated USB cable for its own juice. Any takers?

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