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Log Flume Joust Pool Float

Do you have fond memories of American Gladiator? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would certainly be pleased to roll back the years with the $34.99 Log Flume Joust Pool Float. This is definitely a log that you would not mind seeing floating around, as it is guaranteed to ensure that the pool does not get shut down. In fact, the Log Flume Joust Pool Float can be said to be the ideal inflation device whenever you and your other half have a dispute or disagreement to settle – why do so in a fun and yet energetic manner?

Of course, it would be a whole lot better if you could get the rest of the household to cheer on their favorite “gladiator”, as the two of you joust against one another, seeing who will get wet first. The loser would obviously have to man the grill at this evening’s BBQ, and to clean up the rest of the eating utensils, too, which should be incentive enough to deliver your best in order to make sure that you end up as the winner. Each purchase comes with a pair of logs and a similar number of boppers, although we do recommend that you would get a foot pump instead of busting your lungs out inflating these.