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The Lockpick School in a Box teaches you valuable life lessons

Lockpick in a box

Going to school teaches you plenty of important things such as history, math and reading comprehension, but being a book worm will only get you so far. You need a variety of unorthodox skills to make it in this world, one of which could be picking a lock. This is not to say that you should use your powers for evil, but to help yourself when you forget your key to the house or lock yourself out of your car.

If you want to hone your lock picking skills, then you’ll need a way to practice. The Lockpick School in a Box will give you all the necessary tools to learn how to get past a pin-tumbler lock. This comes with five lock cylinders, all varying in difficulty. The first only has a single pin, and the last is outfitted with a full set. There are 4 picks, 1 tension tool, and an instructional book called “Easy Pickings”. You can read all you like about this subject, but the only real way to know whether or not you’ve got the skills to use it in the real world is to do it.

If you put enough practice into it, this sort of thing will be as easy as blinking or breathing. However, you may have a competitive spirit in you that drives you to more and more challenging locks. Just try and make sure this $99.99 purchase doesn’t lead you to a life of organized crime. Use your new found abilities to aid the elderly and forgetful.

Available for purchase on makershed, found via thisiswhyimbroke