Livia wants women to be normal functioning humans during their period

Livia in use

Have you ever smashed your hand with a hammer and then had someone ask you a stupid question? If you have, you now know what it’s like to be on your period around literally anyone. It’s not that women are crazy during that time of the month, they’re just in excruciating pain, feel like they’re bloated, and have munchies to an insane degree while still having to live life like nothing is happening. As one such being, I can attest this to be 100% fact, and there’s only so much you can do to deal with it.

While pills do help for a while, cramps sometimes don’t care that you’ve taken the entire recommended dose for a 24 hour span in one sitting, and carry on like you didn’t take anything. Birth control is iffy too since you never know how they’ll mess with your hormones until you try them, and can’t always escape the pain even if you don’t have a period. If you are a lady in need of a less drug-fueled method to deal with pain, Livia might be able to help. This is marketed as an “off switch” for menstrual pain, and while I want to believe, it’s another case of wanting to try it before I buy into the idea.

These are similar to a tens device, but have a unique frequency and wave shape. You’ll place this on the parts that hurt and it’ll keep your nerves busy to close the nerve gate so pain signals can’t make it to your brain. This set is comprised of a case, charging cable, the Livia device, 2 electrodes, and gel stickers. The battery will last for 15 hours, so it will last an entire day on the go. Livia will cost you $85, and for an extra $18, you can get a year supply of gel pads.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo