Liveboard bring baseball scores in retro manner


Baseball fans, unite! There is now a device that displays the latest game scores on a retro-looking stadium scoreboard smack right in front of you. You no longer need to have an Internet Explorer/Firefox window open at all times, waiting for’s website to upload those scores. No sir, the Liveboard from Vroop does all that for you, giving you one of the quickest and most efficient methods when it comes to pitch-by-pitch updates. How is this possible, you ask? Was it done via a little sprinkling of fairy dust? Find out further after the jump.

Scores are displayed courtesy of a Bluetooth connection between the Liveboard and your computer. Whenever you want to view scores on the Liveboard, just boot up your computer and load the Liveboard manager application (takes approximately 1 minute to download) in order to sync the scores. LED lights on the Liveboard will then display the corresponding score, inning, balls/strikes, base occupancy, and even the batter’s jersey number in real time. The Liveboard will update scores in three different methods depending on your preference.

1.Simple Mode: You select your “Home Team” in the Manager application, and only that teams games will show up.
2.Full Mode: When your designated “Home Team” does not have a have in progress, the Liveboard detects another current game within your team’s division to
3.Cycle Mode: The Board automatically displays all current MLB games, showing status of each for a minute or so.

Each purchase of the Liveboard package will set you back by $299, and includes a Liveboard console, an AC adapter, and a USB Bluetooth Adapter. I wonder if this works with Japanese baseball leagues as well, since the sport is pretty big over there as well. This would make a great present for millions of baseball nuts out there.

Source: Gearlog

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