Live Goldfish Keychain Eventually Becomes Simply Goldfish Keychain

What’s the deal yo? Why are vendors in Qingdao, China putting goldfish inside of these mini-keychains and selling them off? Well, money, of course. But how twisted is this, for real? Sources say that the fish inside would only survive a few hours, and is usually lucky to get past the manufacturing phase in one piece.

China must have some sort of animal cruelty laws set-up in their government, so we doubt that these Live Goldfish Keychains will last very long. But what the hell?! Even if the fish survived would people even actually rock this on their keys? Screw the whales for the moment. Save the Goldfish!

Since the plastic heart-shaped keychain is completely sealed, the fish gets very little air and there is no way to feed the little guy. So in other words, unless you carefully scalpel the keychain open without slicing up the fish in the process, the little gold swimmer inside is doomed for a slow death of suffocation, and we don’t even harvest goldfish for food.

If you live in the waterfront Qingdao area, please, do something. I dunno. Just buy all of them up and set the little guys free. Maybe even just punch the vendors in the face a few times. Just do something! This is both cruel and unusual. And I’m not even a fish guy.

Source via Geekologie

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