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Livall smart cycling helmet ready to rock and roll

livallIt goes without saying that we have just one skull, so one should always take the utmost care of one’s noggin’ whenever you indulge in more vigorous activities that have an element of danger associated with it, including rock climbing or even cycling. After all, you might be the most careful and courteous cyclist on the road, but this does not mean that there are no other bozos around, who bully cyclists into submission with their intimidating rides. Wearing a cycling helmet is a must, but why settle for an ordinary cycling helmet when you can have something that is far more useful in today’s connected age? This is where the Livall helmet comes in, offering cyclists not only a safer experience, but a more joyful one.

How does Livall work? For starters, it claims to be the first smart helmet in the world which will integrate communication, music, and smart lighting. Thanks to built-in Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers and microphone, this unique helmet will allow cyclists to answer phone calls even when they are pedaling furiously as they attack a hill, letting them remain connected.

If you would like to communicate during group riding, that is also easily achievable, since Livall has come up with a Walkie-Talkie function that makes it easier for team members to communicate with one another without racking up the risk of an accident. The Livall helmet will also send SOS alerts to emergency contacts via the Livall Riding App should the built-in 3 Axis G sensor sense an external strike. Since prevention is better than cure, the Livall helmet also sports LED outline lights on top of the helmet in order to deliver better visibility, while LED tail lights are there to send out turning signals.

So far, production trials for the Livall helmet has already kicked off earlier this year, and we do hope to see it become reality – sooner rather than later, of course.

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