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The Litter Kwitter Toilet Training System – No More Sand!

Litter Kwitter

Cats are great pets because they only want attention on occasion, don’t eat your shoes, and you don’t have to take them on walks multiple times a day. Despite all the pros of having feline friends, they do come with some cons. The most notable of which is having to scoop their poop and vacuum all the cat sand around their litter box, as well as keeping on top of all the tiny pieces that find their way all over your home.

If you would like your cat to be even less work than normal, just spring for this Litter Kwitter Toilet Training System. If all goes according to plan and you keep up with it, your cat should be tinkling in the toilet in 8 weeks or less. Not only do you not have to worry about scooping poop anymore, but there won’t be smells emanating from a corner of a room to be concerned with.

This was developed by animal behaviorists, vets, and cat breeders who made sure this system works in tandem with your cat’s natural instincts. It’s not like we as humans have always had toilets either, so it makes sense that your cat would need some help working up to using it full time. This will cost you around $50 if you’re interested in living a life without cat sand everywhere and should hopefully fulfill its usefulness in less than two months.

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