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Litter Kwitter for households with a kitty

litter-kwitterOne can say that the world is divided into two different groups – one that loves cats, while the other would any day prefer the companionship of a dog. If you happen to fall into the former category, you might want to check out the £39.99 Litter Kwitter that is a slightly more advanced litter box than what most people would normally use. Basically, the Litter Kwitter is a tool that will hopefully teach your cat to do it’s business like a dignified human.

Forget about cleaning out the litter tray every single day, where the Litter Kwitter happens to be a radical 3-step training system that will help you teach your kitty to hop up on the toilet and poop onto the Litter Kwitter itself. Once done, all you need to do is flush, and even better is, you no longer need to purchase additional kitty litter which ought to help you save more money in the long run, not to mention the environment as well. Now, if only cats could be taught to know how to flush once they’re done…