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LithiumCard Hypercharger offers portable power on the move

lithiumcard-hyperchargerWith many of us being extremely busy these days, complete with a collection of gadgets that we bring with us wherever we go, it goes without saying that there is a need to make sure that our gizmos are well rested – and by that, I mean well charged to the maximum each night before they embark on another day’s worth of work (or adventure). Well, there are moments when there is no way we can juice up our power hungry devices since we are nowhere near the vicinity of a power outlet, which is why a portable battery charger comes in handy. The £39.99 LithiumCard Hypercharger is another candidate that you might want to consider if you’re a road warrior who lives out from a suitcase.

With the LithiumCard Hypercharger, you will be able to chose from two different connector types – the Lightning Connector or a Micro USB connector. Regardless, both models will still be the world’s first battery-powered HyperCharger, and yet it measures an incredibly thin form factor, which is roughly the equivalent of 5 credit cards, now how about that? In addition, they charge at an incredibly fast rate, juicing up your devices at 1% per minute. Apart from that, all of the cables that you require happen to be built-in and are kevlar-reinforced, while a trio of light indicators will show you how charged it is.