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We go literally hands-on with the iPad Strap

I realize that there are a lot of beautiful things to look at in this picture, but focus on the thing that is sticking to this handsome blogger’s hand. That is an iPad, and it is attached to my hand via the iPad Strap. Allow me to give it the proper introduction: In a world full of complex gadgets, a simple gadget accessory can change the world. The iPad Strap is designed for those who really need to have it attached to their wrist because they want to show it off or they are always working on it. It is just a strap that tucks onto the corners so it is a tight fit, but you won’t have to worry about dropping your favorite Apple tablet. This especially comes in handy for typing on the iPad with one hand, as it is difficult to keep the iPad still, even when it is on your lap. Best of all, the iPad strap is completely ambidextrous, but has to be adjusted properly to fit the left and right hand. According to the official site, the iPad Strap is available for about $34.95. That might seem a lot for what is essentially an elastic strap, but when you think about it, the convenience of it is worth paying for. ]]>