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The Lishina Hands Free Dog Leash makes walking the dog much easier

Lihinu Retractable Hands Free Dog Leash

Having a dog is a blessing and a curse. They love you just as much as you love them, but they have to be brought outside to use the bathroom at a disgustingly early hour, several times a day regardless of the weather, and occasionally get too excited indoors which makes them eat or destroy things, leaving us to deal with the aftermath. The only way to stay sane is to take them on walks many times a day so they can run out all that energy and be adorable lap dogs when they’re inside.

Taking your pooch for a walk is no small task though, especially if they’re adventurous. There have been TV shows and movies galore with getting tangled up in the leash as a moment of hilarity or annoyance, and it’s sadly not nearly as entertaining when it happens in real life. If you’d rather avoid that sort of scenario, the Lishinu Retractable Dog Leash will prevent that from being a possibility. This is strapped to your wrist via Velcro, and will not only give your pup 9.6 feet of leash to use, but will have a full 360 degree range of motion around the device.

It can be locked to keep your dog closer to you, or you can let them run free to piddle and chase leaves. You’ll be able to walk your dog without having to readjust every time you need to do something, as the leash will do that for you. There are color options of black, blue, orange, pink, and white at $42.99, or there’s a black bungee version that will cost you $49.99.

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