Linksys CIT310 dual-mode phone

linksys-cit310.jpgIn a word association game, most people would equate “VoIP” with “Skype”. Both words rhyme anyway, but I digress. Just as there are a variety of people living on this planet, so are there a bunch of different VoIP services, and Internet giant Yahoo! is one of the companies who have enabled users to make dirt cheap long distance phone calls via Yahoo! Messenger. Unfortunately, there are plenty of VoIP handsets in the market that just target Skype users, leaving the rest with an ugly and cheap microphone setup. Linksys decided to do something about the situation by unveiling the Linksys CIT310 VoIP handset that is not only capable of handling all your VoIP needs with aplomb, it can also be hooked up to your regular landline.

The CIT310 uses advanced DECT cordless technology that will not interfere with you home’s wireless networks, enabling you to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world 24/7. Once connected, you can even view weather reports and local search results over the CIT310’s color display. With Yahoo! Messenger with Voice, all you’ve got to do is sign in through the handset and call people on your contact list that are displayed on the handset. Just like Skype, you can call other Yahoo! Messenger users for free, while keeping in touch with regular and mobile phones will require you to pay a pittance in comparison to landline operators.

You can pick up the Linksys dual-mode CIT310 phone today from Amazon at the extremely affordable price of $79.99. This is one of the better buys that you will make this year, and with the holiday season just around the corner, it will be one purchase that you will not regret.

Source: Ubergizmo