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Linknotize makes the connected life more fun

linknotizeIn this day and age, how many people do you know of who still indulge in board games? Not too many, am I correct? After all, board games have more or less been relegated to the past, and it would be the mobile games arena that takes centrestage at the moment. Perhaps the tide might turn in favor of more traditional board games if more and more ideas like the £19.99 Linknotize are developed and rolled out among the tabletop gaming communities.

Linknotize has been touted to be the least traditional board game ever, where it will require you to connect a pair of unrelated topics in less than 10 clicks and 3 minutes, and not only that, it will not ban the use of smartphones, and Wikipedia happens to be a legitimate source of information in this particular case. Linknotize plays this way – you will go up against others to connect a couple of unrelated topics online, and these events will have to take place in less than 3 minutes. Forget getting hypnotized – it is Linknotize that is going to be the new kid on the block!

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