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Linkable USB Drives

Linkable USB Drives
USB drives are pretty ubiquitous these days and you can get them in some pretty big capacities. In fact, they’re so cheap that you can get a gigabyte of storage for $15, and two for as low as $25. Once you get past the 4 GB mark though, prices sky rocket and the selection becomes pathetic. To solve this, a pretty simple and cool solution was concocted: have thumb drives connect together, forming little snakes of thumb drives. This is definitely one of those “why didn’t I think of that and patent it then sell it for millions” inventions.

The lovely little picture pretty much explains it all. You stick the male connector of one USB drive into the female connector of another, and then the first USB drive has more capacity, that of the newly added one. So, conceivably you could get one uber-geeky USB drive. Maybe a chain of 10 or so 2 GB sticks, of course, it won’t exactly be pocketable anymore, but it’s cool nonetheless. Not to mention, all of them are bright and vibrant colors, the kind of color that make you smile. 🙂 And, they’re bendable! Colorful + linkable + bendy = awesome.

Sadly, this is just a concept design at this point, but I’m sure it won’t stay a concept for long. Some company will hopefully buy the rights to this idea, and implement it in their next line of USB drives (you know, the ones with 8 GB of memory and a pricetag of $30 (10 X 8 = 80 GB :))

[via SCI FI Tech] – Thanks for pointing out my terrible vocabulary, guys 🙂

5 thoughts on “Linkable USB Drives”

  1. This is very true and if you get past a certain size of portable hard drive and the price gets too high then just link smaller ones together to make a bigger hard drive, also great for back ups if one drive fails.

  2. Uh, do you mean “USB drives are becoming UBIQUITOUS these days”? How can a USB drive be “ambiguous?” My kingdom for a good copy editor! (Must be that dang spell checker messing things up again.)

    Seriously, though, nice article. I like the idea, and can’t believe someone hasn’t thought about linkable drives already.

  3. What world do y’all live in? This may have been interesting several years ago, but it is meaningless today.

    The word is ubiquitous not ambiguous.

  4. Would I be right in thinking this is like a spanning RAID? The firmware in the devices would have to make sure files were not split over drives and they were as independent as possible, otherwise you lose one and the whole set is useless.

    That said, a few months ago I created a striped RAID array using two USB drives and M$ dynamic partitions just to see if it could be done. This was inspired by the many “we can RAID floppy disks” projects that people are doing with OSX.

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