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Linear Wall Mount Fireplace adds warmth to your home in style

linear-wall-mounted-fireplaceThe bitter and cold winter months can be a slog to pull through – so much so that some of us might find it easier to just save up money during the summer months and take a month long vacation elsewhere – preferably somewhere along the equator where it is nice and warm all day long (but away from the monsoon season in some countries, of course). Otherwise, it is as they say, “Suck it up!”. Heating is not exactly cheap either, but if you are going to get a heater – why not do it in style? The Linear Wall Mount Fireplace will arrive in various sizes, where the pricing too, would vary from $999 all the way to $2,199, depending on the size that you would choose from.

Sizes of the Linear Wall Mount Fireplace would come in 50”, 58”, 70”, 78”, and 94”, and these linear electric fireplaces happen to have their fair share of charm, being mesmerizing and unique, it will more often than not require a double take before someone is convinced that it is not an actual fireplace. Using “Silent Force” technology, these LED (low energy demand) units will be able to operate with or without the heater, and even if you opt to have it run in the latter format, it will cost approximately a penny an hour, now how about that? Users can pick from 13 different backlighting colors in order to add ambiance to any room in your home.