Limited edition Steampunk Nixie Clock


For those of you that enjoy all that is steampunk, you’ll have a slight chance to get the clock shown here.  It’s definitely a slim chance, but if you have the cash and hurry, you might be able to get your hands on one.  Then you can tell everyone that you own a limited edition clock that practically no one else owns.  It’s always fun to have something to make you superior, plus it’s also nice that it tells the time.

Let’s face it, you aren’t that excited over a clock.  You’re likely more excited over something that’s steampunk that just happens to be a clock.  As far as clocks go though, this one is pretty cool.  The clock portion of it does have an alarm, plus it can show you the date.  It’s made out of solid copper and polished brass.  Of course you’ll have to hurry to get your hands on one since these are limited edition.  There will only ever be a total of 10 of these in existence.  You’ll also have to contact them to find out just how much this clock by Kev Stenning will cost you.

Source: Gizmowatch