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These drumsticks add a light show to the beat

Light up Drumsticks

While it isn’t necessary to have drums in a band, it certainly makes a difference. It adds a layer of depth to the movement in a way that guitars, bass, and vocals can’t achieve on their own. The same can be said of having lights at a concert. While you don’t need to have strobes, colored lights moving to the beat, or laser lights turning a mere moment into a true experience to behold, they make the finished product that much more exciting.

If you don’t exactly have the budget for a light show, then why not hand your drummer these ION Firesticks? These are made out of solid plastic, but you should know that handing them to any passionate drummer means these are going to break at some point. They do come with batteries, and will light up every time you hit a drum or cymbal, so you shouldn’t worry about draining their power too quickly.

You can find these in blue, red, green, and purple, but be wary as they are pretty bright. One pair of these light-up drumsticks will cost you around $20 or more. Obviously these are aimed more at nighttime performances, lest you want the entire effect of these to be lost in the daylight. These likely wouldn’t fit in with the “aesthetic” of certain types of music, but to each their own. Maybe you’ll be the first black metal band with purple glowing drumsticks.

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