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Lightspeed Technologies MCQ Multimedia Ceiling Speaker

Lightspeed Technologies has a brand new MCQ Multimedia Ceiling Speaker that brings together the innovative design of a flat panel speaker, a cone speaker and sophisticated cross-over circuitry to deliver optimum speech clarity, exceptional audio distribution and a ‘full-range’ sound no matter what your source is. This hybrid speaker design came about after a school district technology team in northern Florida suggested to develop speaker technologies into a single, quick-install unit without taking up too much space, and we guess they have succeeded in doing so.

The MCQ hybrid combines an NXT flat panel speaker and a 6 inch cone speaker into a single 2’ x 2’ metal enclosure that lays into the ceiling grid. Only one MCQ speaker is needed in a standard classroom, reducing installation time and money. This unique hybrid speaker is designed to work with Lightspeed’s flexible 800 series of classroom audio systems. These systems use the latest infrared technology, and are considered the core component for integrating various audio sources common in today’s 21st century classrooms. With the new MCQ speaker every word of instruction is clear and multimedia audio is full and rich.

No word on pricing though, but they can’t be too cheap to begin with.

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