Lightsaber Wall Sconce for Star Wars fans

If you’re a really, really huge fan of the entire Star Wars franchise, then you might be interested to check out what Hammacher has on offer – the Lightsaber Wall Sconce. This lightsaber wall sconce is a purchase that will keep you (and your guests) entertained many times over, since it will change color to signify various Jedi and Sith in the past, which is always a good idea since that would mean not having to accumulate different shades of colors just to complete a collection. Apart from that, the Lightsaber Wall Sconce works great by adding more ambience, delivering the famous Jedi weapon’s classic humming sounds. Each purchase will come with a remote control that will change the blade’s color, and you will need to have some of the Force to assemble all five separate pieces from the box. Powered by three AA and a trio of AAA batteries, the Lightsaber Wall Sconce is pretty affordable at $29.95.