Lightpipe looks like it is glowing with radioactive goo

This odd little light is created to look like an industrial pipe. To many it might just be a lighted pipe, but being a big Ninja Turtles geek, it has me wishing that I had the dough to snag one myself. The industrial pipe, to me, gives the look of toxic goo flowing down a sewer pipe. Although it might not blend well in many homes, it’d look great in any geeky office. Especially if it were decked out in Mario Bros decals. Sewer pipes have all kinds of geek appeal and would look great in a child’s room as well.

You could even throw these in with the Luna Blocks (lego furniture) for an especially odd décor. The pipes even have nice detailing to make them look a bit more realistic. You can purchase them from DaWanda for a whopping price of about $612 or €395 for one pipe. Which for most of us is excessively expensive just for a novelty light. However, if you do have the money to spend, this little light is great for geeks and gamers alike.

Source: technabob