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The Lightman is a flashlight for every situation

The Lightman

We have a strange infatuation when it comes to lights. While it’s best to do detailed or potentially dangerous work during the daylight hours, we’re not always able to have light exactly where we want it. This is when we would get a light to fill in the shadows, or illuminate an otherwise dark work space. This is often why we get so many different types or sizes of lights.

Of course, the type of light it emits and its size are only two factors, as you also have to take into account the weight, mounting abilities, and much more. After you buy a few different types of lights, you start to wish that you could have something that is compact, lightweight, and can work in every situation. An auto mechanic in Hayward, CA was plagued with this very issue, and instead of looking for another light, he made his own. The Lightman is a complete redesign of a flashlight that can be as varied as the projects you work on.

This uses two one-watt Cree XPC LEDs to provide a powerfully wide beam. It features 6 powerful neodymium magnets, a heavy-duty clip, and a retractable reel. This means you can mount it anywhere, and if you need the light in a tight space, you can separate the light from the battery housing, and it can still stick in place thanks to the magnets. It uses a CR123 battery, and is currently up for backing on Kickstarter for $34.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter


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