Lightlane Improves Bike Safety

b9vfl4b63irkc2uimahpvykjo1_500As someone who used to bike a lot, I can tell you that it is dangerous to be out on the road. If you have ever been out there, then you know how out of place bikers feel when massive automobiles are passing on the left, and especially when they honk their horn.

The Lightlane is designed to create a bike lane where there isn’t any. It’s a pretty simple concept that uses two high visibility Diode Pumped Solid State green lasers to make a bike path on the street as the biker rides.

So now a driver can see the path projected, and, unless he or she looks too close, will treat it like at actual bike lane. Hopefully they will respond properly, and not honk their horn. Yes, I have a personal beef against drivers who honk their horn at bikers for no apparent reason. It scares the crap out of me!

The Lightlane was originally a concept device. (Of course, what device isn’t a concept, seriously.) But it appears that the inventors have figured out how to mass-market it. However, I would like to see how it is put on the bike. I mean, is it on the frame?

I wish my source had more to say about this particular product, like a price or availability date.


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