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Lighted Poolside Basketball Hoop lets you play late into the night

lighted-poolside-hoopSo, you think you have got all grounds covered by throwing the best and most innovative parties in the neighborhood? Of course, it helps a whole lot that you are a socialite by nature, and have plenty of disposable income to spare, allowing you to host your parties not at some snazzy hotel, but rather, in your own palatial home and grounds that comprises of a carefully manicured lawn and of course, the glamorous swimming pool. Well, pool parties need not be held only during the day when there is light, but you can also hold it at night.

Why not add some more jazz to the event with the $229.95 Lighted Poolside Basketball Hoop? Getting wet and wild in a swimming pool is fun, but when you have a game of basketball going on, the ante is increased, and even the participating “audience”, so to speak, will be able to pick their favorite side to win. When the sun goes down and the moon appears, the fun does not stop, thanks to the Lighted Poolside Basketball Hoop that will use its three-LED light source to provide a reliable shooting target at night. It sports an impact-resistant, structural poly-resin backboard that is also weatherproof, letting you bank shots from difficult shooting angles.