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Light Therapy Earbuds could lift you to a positive mood

light-therapy-earbudsIt is a well known fact that light therapy works when it comes to lifting up your mood and energy level, especially more so when it is during the bleary winter months. Seasonal decreases in daylight tend to compel the body to sleep more, where both Melanopsin and encephalopsin, the receptor proteins which will assist in controlling such functions, happen to be photosensitive. In other words, light that is passed through the ear and skull will also be able to trigger their action, now how about that? The $299.95 Light Therapy Earbuds are made in Finland, where the daylight in that part of the world wanes as winter approaches.

Such earbuds, when worn by the user, will require a mere dozen minutes of daily exposure to for the integrated LEDs to increase a wearer’s energy levels and alertness level as it has been proven in clinical trials to reduce seasonal symptoms – including mood swings and lack of energy at the same time improving overall wellness. In order to best prepare for and recover from travel, such earbuds will also come in handy as it helps to promote adjustment to local time. A single charge via its micro USB charger allows it to run for up to 2 weeks.