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Light Stax – how high can you go?

light-staxWhen it comes to lighting solutions, there are many different models out there for you to pick from, and at times, it can get rather overwhelming, so which particular model should you bring back home after parting with your hard earned money? Well, perhaps it is time for a little change, especially where design is concerned, and here we are with the Light Stax. You will be able to stack them up as high as you like, and see them glow to your satisfaction.

The starter pack of Light Stax comprises of a dozen blocks, and will retail for £19.95, while those who would prefer to have three times the number of blocks to play with right from the get go can obtain maximum value with a £34.95 purchase. Alternatively, there are expansion packs that cost £7.95 apiece, arriving in blue, orange, green, red, white, yellow and multicolor shades. These LED building blocks will let you unleash your creativity as you design and construct your very own lamp, and these bricks will light up when connected to the base. Sporting a quartet of light modes, they are battery or USB powered, and will also be able to connect to Duplo blocks.