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Light Socket Powered WiFi Security Camera

light-socket-cameraPeace of mind — how much of a price are you willing to pay to have that in your heart? While traveling is fine and dandy for many of us, we too, would like to know whether our homes are safe and secure whenever we are not around. You also do not want to look too paranoid with too many obvious security cameras fitted all over the place, which is why the perfect balance might be the $229.95 Light Socket Powered WiFi Security Camera.

This happens to be an easy-to-install home security system which will retrofit a motion-sensing WiFi camera to an outdoor porch or garage light. Best of all is, there is no need for any kind of wiring at all, where the included smart light bulb adapter can be screwed into the current light socket in order to provide power to the wall-mounted wireless HD video camera thanks to a short cord. The camera‚Äôs infrared sensor can also detect as to when someone approaches and automatically sends a notification to your paired WiFi device through a free app. The camera will be able to stream and record video, allowing you to check on your home regardless of where you are at the moment — even across multiple time zones.

It will also come with an integrated microphone and speaker for voice chatting with visitors, while homeowners can turn the light on and off remotely or at pre-scheduled times, as well as play pre-recorded outgoing messages upon motion activation, or even sound off a 100db alarm to scare away potential intruders (and neighboring pets). The weatherproof camera will be able to hold its own against moisture, heat, and cold, where it attaches to any exterior surface with the included mounting plate. This certainly makes it sound to be a doozy of a device to have in your home, right?