Light up your life with this LED mouse pad

LED Light Up Mouse Pad

Do you skulk through existence trying to stay as close to the walls as possible and hiding in the shadows, trying not to be seen? If that description fits you perfectly, then gadgets and gizmos that light up or make tons of sound are likely not going to be something you’d put money into. Should you happen to be the exact opposite, then you likely have color-changing bulbs throughout your house, a sound system that rattles the neighborhood, and are constantly hunting for new ways to bling out your life.

If your computer setup doesn’t have enough LEDs pulsing and there aren’t enough lights going off around you, then this LED Light Up Mouse Pad could add a little something something to your desk. This is exactly what it sounds like, as it is a 13×9.7×1 inch pad that you can mouse around on with a light underneath, which just so happens to be green. Not only is it snazzy while you game, but it also has 4 USB ports for charging or powering on other USB gadgetry.

Sinking $14.99 into a glowing mouse pad might seem like a bit much if it didn’t also have the built-in USB ports. You won’t be able to change the color of the lighting much like you can with mice or keyboards, but if you’re a fan of green┬áthen that shouldn’t put too much of a damper on things. Of course, this can be used for more than gaming as DJ booths could use this for added effect, or you could use it for a decorative pedestal for figures and a USB hub.