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Light Kicks LED Shoe Light System lets you walk around in style

led-light-shoesYoung people like to be stylish, it is in their nature. They would also look at us older folks, wondering why we are so tardy in our dressing. Why not step things up a notch or two with the $39.99 Light Kicks LED Shoe Light System? This is a unique set of programmable light strips that are perfect for your shoes, where it will boast of 16 different colors as well as an adjustable level of brightness to bring the dance floor to your feet. Needless to say, we also expect you to be able to do something about that dance skills of yours – having all the fancy equipment would amount to nothing at all if you are unable to pull off some slick moves.

Kids these days are spoiled for sure, as I am quite sure that when one thinks back to the days where he or she were young, we did not have this kind of toys to play with. Light up shoes? That sounds crazy, as though the idea was from some sort of weird dimension. Well, the Light Kicks LED Shoe Light System is a step in the right direction, pardon the pun, where it delivers a pair of instant light-up shoes. You do, however, need a pair of shoes in the first place to get started, before you add on this LED Shoe Light System retroactively. The Light Kicks have been specially designed to pulse and fade to your step, where you can pick from a range of colors and flashy effects thanks to the included remote control, followed by dazzling everyone around you with dynamic splashes of color that are purely instigated by your feet. The entire system will require half a dozen AAA batteries and a single button cell battery to work, and woe to you if it is raining, as this is not water resistant at all.