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Old Light Bulbs Made Into Oil Lamp


Slowly people are starting to use light bulbs that are actually eco-friendly, so the old bulbs are becoming a thing of the past.  Sure, some of us still buy the old bulbs when we can’t afford to spend quite as much on a light bulb, but little by little they’re getting used less.  Well instead of just forgetting about those classic bulbs altogether, you can pick up one of these light bulbs turned into an oil lamp.

They comes in sets of two and are limited edition.  These were made out of reclaimed light bulbs by Sergio Silva.  The lamps use a non-flammable paraffin oil and have a wick ready to light.  Within the bulb is a strong spherical magnet and then the acrylic base has a steel component embedded within it.  The two combined make it so that the set of bulbs stay upright.  Unfortunately, despite that this is available for purchase, it’s extremely expensive.  You can purchase them for $650.

Source: CraziestGadgets

4 thoughts on “Old Light Bulbs Made Into Oil Lamp”

  1. For $650 I’d rather spend the money on something more updated; like a lamp – a very expensive lamp.
    Or heaps of cheaper ones…

  2. On second thought, I’d not even bother with lamps; I don’t use them enough.
    I’d probably buy something radical like computer equipment.
    Yeah, that’s more my style; I’m just not artsy enough.

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