Light Bulb Phone Charms

lightbulb-phone-charm.jpgI’m not sure if these Light Bulb Phone Charms are really essential, since setting your phone to silent mode with vibrate turned on is often more than enough to catch your attention whenever there’s an incoming call – still, I guess you might want to distract the rest of the cinema by telling them just how busy you are with this Light Bulb Phone Charm.

We bet Edison didn’t think his bright idea would end up in everyone’s pocket, but now it can. These mini Light Bulb Phone Charms are the perfect accessory for today’s super stylish mobile phones. Simply put your phone on ‘silent’ to save the world from some hideous ringtone, and every time you receive a call or text, instead of a polyphonic cacophony, the mini Light Bulb will flash at you and the world in general in a decidedly retro, cool way, letting you know that someone out there loves you, or is chasing an invoice

The Lightbulb phone charm can be yours today for £5.95, never mind if you’ve constantly churned out bright ideas or not.