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LifeStraw Go makes sure hikers aren’t caught without clean water

LifeStraw Go
If you’ve ever looked into hiking for a long period of time, you know that one of the biggest issues you might face is getting access to clean water. Food and shelter are obviously the other big problems, but a tent and dried goods can be packed. These are things we don’t normally think about in our day-to-day lives, but if you want to be outside of ‘civilization’ it’s something you have to prepare for.

There are all sorts of water filter systems out there, and the Lifestraw Go seems like a valid choice as any. We’ve seen the Lifestraw before, but this version comes with a water bottle. This has filtration technology that will pull out waterborne bacteria, protozoan cysts, and turbidity. The bottle is constructed of BPA free Tritan, and you won’t need to worry about keeping anything charged up.

The straw can filter about 264 gallons of water before you should change it out. Combined, the bottle and filter weigh about 8 ounces, which isn’t terrible. Of course, if there are lighter options that work just as well, don’t tell yourself it will ‘be alright’ because you don’t realize how heavy a few ounces can be until you’re carrying your life on your back. This will cost you $20, and for every LifeStraw purchased, the company will assist African schools to gain access to clean drinking water.

Available for purchase on EarthEasy, found via RedFerret