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Lifeproof wants to provide more juice to your iPhone 6 with FRĒ Power

lifeproof-freA smartphone that is full well capable of many different functions is something that many of us happen to take for granted these days. After all, we expect it to be our portable media player, our GPS navigation device, our mobile computing device, and of course, primarily, our communications tool. The thing is, with so many different functions crammed into the smartphone, you end up with a device that would not last too long throughout the day, even more so when you are especially hectic in your involvement that day. Well, Lifeproof knows how crucial it can be to have additional juice just to make that important phone call in an emergency, which is why they have released the FRĒ Power that will double the battery life of the iPhone 6.

FRĒ Power will incorporate advanced battery technology into LifeProof’s thin, sleek, four-proof protective case, where this particular case does not only look good, but it will also guard itself against damage from water, drops, dust and snow, now how about that? These will certainly be features that appeal to those who have an adventurous streak.

FRĒ Power’s lithium ion battery will boast of 2,600 mAh of power which can be engaged with the press of a button. Smart charging technology will ensure that your iPhone 6 will be able to obtain a 100 percent charge, before it stops the charging process automatically, which in turn will save whatever additional power there is left for a later time period as and when required. Not only that, there will be status LED lights that will depict the balance of the remaining battery life, albeit in 25% increments.

The FRĒ Power is also tough – being waterproof up to 6.6 feet (2 meters) for an hour, is drop proof up to 6.6 feet, and will remain completely enclosed from dirt and snow when the case and all ports are sealed. The asking price can be rather hefty, but you get what you pay for in this case with the FRĒ Power for iPhone 6 retailing for $129.99 a pop.

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