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LifeProof PRE caters for Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones

lifeproof-prePicking up a brand new smartphone is always the pride and joy for many people, and it also makes plenty of sense if you are going to keep that brand new purchase nice and shiny with a protective case of some sort. Assuming you decided to tag on the Pixel name that Google has diversified into first with its Pixel C tablet last year, and then dropping the Nexus name for the preferred Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones a few months ago. Obviously, it makes plenty of sense to keep them protected, and the LifeProof FRE is now available for the Pixel and Pixel XL.

With the Pixel 5.0″ and Pixel XL 5.5″ smartphones being available at Verizon Wireless, it would make perfect sense to pick up the LifeProof FRE for either handset since the LifeProof FRE happens to be the sole waterproof case for both of these new Google devices. It also helps even up the odds, taking into consideration how Google’s latest flagship smartphones do not sport any kind of waterproof capability, quite unlike its rivals, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge as well as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, that are more than capable of handling a quick dunk into a sink without causing you to fret all over.

The LifeProof FRE cases for Pixel 5.0″ and Pixel XL 5.5″ are waterproof to 6.6 feet, drop proof to 6.6 feet, dirt proof and snow proof. Heck, it will even come with an integrated screen protector which will allow the display to remain free of scratches, and doing so as it ensures that the entirety of device features and functionality will remain intact. Sold at Verizon Wireless, it will also include the Verizon-exclusive Total Water Protection Program (TWPP) that covers repair or replacement of a registered case and device just in the event of accidental water damage up to an entire year, now how about that?

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