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The LifePack is what a backpack needs to be for the modern world


When you’re traveling all the time, you start to get a grasp for the things you know you’ll need on a day-to-day basis. It’s impossible to be on the go and get anything done without your devices which all come with accessories and a backup battery to make sure nothings dies at an inconvenient moment. Then there’s the stuff you need like a change of clothes, external speakers for impromptu work spaces, and a bag to keep everything in.

While a backpack is a great way to keep it all with you, a simple commuter pack doesn’t quite cut it anymore. The LifePack is a backpack that fits the modern lifestyle, and has thought of just about everything you might need. Right from the start you’ll notice that it has a solar panel on the front and an integrated lock coming out of the side near the top that will let you not only secure it to a stable point near where you’re sitting, but will also lock the zippers shut through a stainless steel cable and steel shackle (which can also be used as a bottle opener!). The outside is also waterproof to make sure a rainy day won’t slow you down.

The inside holds much more, such as a power bank that is charged by the solar panel which can power up an iPhone 6 twelve times over while also acting as a wireless speaker. There is plenty of padded space for your gear, as well as pockets for receipts, clothes, hidden pockets that sit behind your back for a passport and cards, and strap pockets for headphones and flash drives. This is available through a crowdfunding campaign that you would need to throw $149 at to secure a bag for yourself.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter