Lifemap puts you on the map

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of pictures. They are on my digital camera, my video camera, my cellular phone, and some of them have actually made it onto my computer for permanent storage. One day, one fine day, I shall put them all on an album or something as a chronicle of my life.

I believe that the Lifemap is for that purpose. What you do is attach a digital camera or other photo-taking device to the Lifemap, and you can put all of your photos in proper order. Beyond that, that is all my source knows on this particular invention, besides the fact that it has a QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen.

This touchscreen allows you to sit down and manipulate your photos with your hands, just like you would actual photos. Now you don’t have to worry about getting smudge prints on your photo prints, but you will probably smudge up the screen on the Lifemap

So far, this Lifemap is simply a concept, but I think that there is a need for something more touchscreen in the world today. The iPhone and Touchsmart are really making a splash in the marketplace, and the Surface could easily take over as the new digital coffee table.