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LifeInPocket unveils new powerful app for BlackBerry

lifeinpocketiPhone users, don’t be too smug and think that your Apple-powered handset is more or less the de facto standard for smartphones, capable of handling just about anything and everything that you throw at it. No sir, the BlackBerry does have its fair share of supporters with a growing fan base which ought to keep Apple executives looking over their shoulders. Today, LifeInPocket has just announced that they have a new powerful app for the BlackBerry platform which offers the ability of hundreds of tiny, bite-sized advanced apps while remaining small, fast, fully personalized, powerful and best of all, free. Yep, you read that right – you need not fork out more than you should to be productive.

RoadComm, Inc. has made available the enhanced LifeInPocket mobile suite ( or for mobile web users) to RIM’s line of BlackBerry smartphones. This free application will provide BlackBerrys with an unprecedented and greater array of functionality compared to any other smartphone in the market, which includes the iPhone. Some of the features comprise of GPS, navigation, actionable location messaging, friends/family locator, local listing/reviews, satellite map, street view, cheap gas finder, news, video, traffic, Twitter, emails, IMs, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, music, movies, local events, TV guide, weather, finance, banking, sports, flights, magazines, fashion, cooking, transportation, travel, yellow/white pages, dictionary, translation, Bible and a whole host of real-time information and services.

You won’t even need to hold a rocket science to use LifeInPocket as it comes with little or no learning curve, capable of transcending each combination of apps available today. In fact, it boasts the only Location Messaging Service powered with navigation and other GPS-based services, bringing one of the most advanced turn-by-turn navigation prompts in the market with clear and concise voice guidance. LifeInPocket’s Cross-Platform and Cross-Network instant location messaging also makes it a whole lot easier as a family/friends locator without going through the hassle of typing SMSes. Anyone with a BlackBerry tried this already? Leave a comment on how you like/dislike it.

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5 thoughts on “LifeInPocket unveils new powerful app for BlackBerry”

  1. Um…. Blackberry was first, and has the larger fan base…
    Its RIM that is looking over its shoulder at Apple.
    And as a more than two year iPhone user and current user of a new Blackberry as well as my two year old iPhone, I can tell you that my Blackberry is a piece of crap. I can’t even read a PDF without converting it plain text. If I use the “Zoom” feature it is too blurry.

  2. What BB are you using? My Storm handles pdf’s just fine (out of the box, no apps required), and the zoom initially is fuzzy but refreshes to a perfect image.

    BB a piece of crap? Hardly. My battery lasts me all day long and I was able to cut-n-paste since Day One… I didn’t have to wait for an OS upgrade to do something so mundane.

  3. Used LifeInPocket during our Thnaksgiving trip.

    It’s very impressive! Well designed app. very easy to use and you can fully personalize it.

    The GPS navigation is not fancy but very reliable, fast, long battery life, .. It took us from LA to Vegas by using only half of the battery while the $10 per month AT&T navigator would drain out the battery in less than 1.5 hours.

    The local search, rating and review are better than Poynt and Where and you can click to go via voice navigation.

    The media features are much better than Viigo and easier to use.

  4. I’m using a BB Curve just like all my co-workers. Only the guys with older Curves can actually zoom in on the PDFs. The rest of use use our iPhones if we actually want to see what the PDF says. I wish it wasn’t so. It would be nice to have the BB work the way everyone says they do.

  5. After using Life In Pocket for one year, I am ready to make recommendation. The first version I downloaded a year ago was not as good as I expected. Just like the Telenav app, I gave it a 3 star rating. The turn by turn voice could be smoother and they didn’t even have volume control.

    They really impressed me with their latest update. It deserves a 4.8 out of 5 rating. The local search is the best I ever used, the rating, reviews, navigation voice, location message, features, UI, look & feel, .. are so nice and well thought.

    The new features such as news, video, white page, movie, etc. are very handy and are all personalized.

    The navigation has voice control and satellite signal meter now and it supports BlackBerry address book and web planning tool.

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