Lifeguard Personal Breath Alcohol Tester uses fuel cell


Holiday parties always seem to be the ones that even the most respectable sorts make drunken fools out of themselves.  Unfortunately, the cops are well aware of it as well, which means you might want to be a touch more careful before you hit the road.  If you’re the one hosting the party it might be a good idea to find a way to regulate who is alright to drive and who isn’t.  With this you won’t have to keep an eye on everyone, you just have to grab them before they leave.

Various portable breathalyzers have been around, but this one has a small difference.  It actually uses a fuel cell, whereas most use semiconductors to test your blood alcohol level.  The down side with those semiconductors is that they tend to give false readings and then don’t live very long on top of it.  The device has a permanent mouthpiece and then comes with 10 disposable ones.  You can purchase the LifeGuard Personal Breath Alcohol Tester for $299.95.

Source: Crunchgear