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This is your life and its ending one leaf at a time

Normally I don’t report on anything that STIHL does, as I’m not big on leaf blowers. However, the ad department came up with a very interesting ad campaign: a calendar that peels itself off.

You can watch a video of it after the jump, and it works by simply ripping out the book binding thread that mounts the pages together. As you can see, the pages fall like leaves. I’m guessing that you probably want to keep a garbage can, recycling bin, or compost pit underneath this wall calendar.

So far as my sources reveal, this looks like it is purely a concept. I’m guessing that it probably wouldn’t be economically feasible to market a calendar that is only good for the fall with some sort of battery-powered motor to do the whole leaf-falling thing.

There would have to be some kind of timer thing to control the falling of leaves, right? What happens if this malfunctions? I would hate to get up and find that my three-month calendar is scattered all over the floor and needs to be raked up.

That, or perhaps the timer starts dropping the leaves in fast motion, like it shows at the end of the video. That just reminds me of montage scenes in movies to show the passage of time, or the last few seconds of the Bangles “Manic Monday” video.