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The Liese Hair Reset Straightener Wipes magically make your hair behave


Whether it be long or short, a humid day is going to turn your hair into a giant, unmanageable frizz-ball. Even if it’s not hot and muggy outside, you can still have puffy, stringy hair that wants nothing more than to give you self-confidence issues. While looks don’t necessarily matter, it’s nice to take pride in the way you present yourself.

If you want your hair to always look like it was just prepped for a photo shoot for a style magazine, then you’re going to need help making it look like it’s fresh off the straightener. These Liese Hair Reset Straightener Wipes will help you to breathe a sigh of relief into your hair to bring it from being a crazy puff monster to shiny, silky, and straight. Don’t worry, someone didn’t put water on towelettes and try to sell it, but this is only slightly more refined than that concept.

There are 20 sheets in this $24 pack, and all you need do is run them over your hair to smooth it all out. This can be used for overall crazy hair, or taking out marks from hair ties or from putting your hair behind your ears. While it doesn’t say what is exactly on these sheets aside from “lots of moisture”, one can assume it’s something along the lines of a straightening serum. If it actually works and doesn’t give you cancer, this would be great for those big days that always keep you running, but give you tiny respites to freshen up.

Available for purchase from JapanTrendShop