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Libratone ZIPP wireless speakers set the tone

libratone-zippTake a look around you today. Is the office truly paperless at the moment? Not really, and one simply cannot do without paper IMHO under enterprise conditions even as of now, as there is still value to the power of paper as opposed to digitizing everything. Going wireless, however, is another matter altogether – and this is one are of technological improvement that I would love to support all the more. After all, there is no need to worry about tripping over pesky wires and cables if the entire place were to be wireless. Libratone knows this, which is why they have ventured forward with a new range of its top-selling ZIPP wireless speakers. These revamped ZIPPs will ensure that one can enjoy liberating sound through the practical combination of exceptional 360° sound quality alongside portable multi-room connectivity.

Being made to suit what the Scandinavian trend institute, The PEJ Group’s CEO Louise Byg Kongsholm has coined “the elastic lifestyle”, it is explained this way. “We have become accustomed to technology that makes life simpler. Out of this, we have developed a need for environments that can be twisted, expanded, and adjusted to different everyday situations. The elastic lifestyle requires that the elements in our home are functional, flexible, simple, and above all, they need to help us create the perfect mood for every situation,” shares Louise.

This new new ZIPP range will be based on the award-winning design and technology of the classic Libratone ZIPP, and yet the better bit of it all is the fact that it will arrive with a lower sticker price, now how about that when it comes to value for money? The new ZIPP range will include the ZIPP (100 W) and ZIPP Mini (60 W), where both of these speakers will boast of specially designed elements without any standard components.

Sporting features such as 360° FullRoom Sound, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity in addition to a battery life that goes from 8 to 10 hours, it will also include Spotify Connect and Apple Music compatibility as part of the deal. The Libratone ZIPP is gonig for $299.99 each, while the ZIPP Mini will be cheaper at $249.99, soprting a durable white base and a mesh fabric cover available in four colours: Cloudy Grey, Deep Lagoon, Graphite Grey, Victory Red.

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