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Libratone reveals new portable Bluetooth speakers

libratone-one-clickWhile many of us already happen to own a decent pair of headphones, this does not mean that we should neglect the possibility that wireless or portable speakers could be worth checking out, too. After all, there are moments in life when you would like to play back a video or watch a movie on your computer, but the speakers on your notebook simply does not do the video clip justice. What then, are you supposed to do after that? A pair of decent portable speakers would certainly come in handy – and the folks over at Libratone have done pretty well in that department, with their latest efforts involving with the introduction of the ONE Click and TOO portable Bluetooth speakers.

Both of these happen to be the newest additions to the family of wireless speakers that will boast of 360-degree premium sound that has been created by leading acoustic and product engineers, all the way from Denmark. Make no mistake about it – these are very, very different creatures from other portable Bluetooth speakers out there in the market, as Libratone’s speakers have been designed with versatility in mind, being married to exceptional sound quality to boot. After all, it is no surprise that folks would carry portable speakers when they travel, from the beach to the campsite to the bridal shower to the barbeque, which is why Libratone’s designers have come up with a sleek, highly adaptable speaker that resists water without sacrificing on its design aesthetic.

The Libratone ONE Click shares the approximate size and shape of a paperback book, where it will boast of grommets that enable it to be carried in myriad of adaptable ways. It will arrive surrounded by a rubber bumper and housed in a sleek, water-resistant mesh covering, where one can choose from Graphite Grey, Caribbean Green, Cloudy Grey, and Cerise Red colors. Expect it to be out later this August, where a single click or two will allow users to change the way it is hung, carried or worn.

As for the TOO, it is a playful, portable speaker that will boast of big sound that has been packed into a convenient, diminutive grab-and-go package. Looking more like an overstuffed hot dog, the TOO fits snugly into a bag or back pocket.

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