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Library Of Congress Desk Lamp ages a room by default

congress-desk-lampWhile there is no way that one will be able to travel back in time – or forward in time, for that matter, this does not mean that we cannot hold on to history and tradition where certain things are involved? After all, I am quite sure that you have seen your fair share of people who have decided to have a blast from the past by remodeling their home to resemble something from the Civil War era. Well, here is one particular desk lamp that goes back in time – but not all the way back to medieval moments where an LED Potion Desk Lamp would not be out of place, which is the $399.95 Library Of Congress Desk Lamp.

This is the lamp that was specially created for the U.S. Library of Congress, where it will be able to provide scholars and researchers with clean, bright focused light without disturbing sensitive, tired eyes. While it might look old, the kind of technology used here is modern and updated, as it relies on a patented halide-LED module which is capable of generating 7,000 lumens – that is over 6X the light of a 75-watt incandescent bulb. The presence of an electronic ballast system that constantly controls current to the halide filament (encased within a quartz arc tube) ensures optimal spectral consistency and light output. You can choose from aged Cherry wood, Chestnut faux leather, or Black faux leather as the lamp’s post, as it remains majestically atop a 6″ x 6″ antique zinc base with the light module is covered by a lined, off-white silk shade with piping.