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The Library Chair – the best place for books and buns

The Library Chair

If you absolutely love reading, then you likely have more books than places to store them. There’s a high probability that you’ll never get to read them all, but that doesn’t stop you from adding to the collection. You can line the walls with bookcases and put up shelves, but if you constantly have a stack of books lying about, then it might be time to look into more innovative options to clean up your own personal Library.

What better way to do that than with the Library Chair? This is a fully upholstered button-cushion chair with armrests that will give you a full 27 feet of shelf storage for books and DVDs alike. Sadly larger volumes won’t be able to fit, as the tallest shelf on the bottom measures a maximum of 9 inches, but it will help with smaller books. Made of silk, satin, wood, and veneer, this would be perfect for any bookworm to get lost in a sea of fantastical stories. As an added bonus, there’s even a secret compartment to hide items of value.

You will be able to choose what material it is upholstered in, and it can be painted in any color you wish since this is a handmade item. Of course, that also means you’ll have to wait 3-4 weeks before it arrives since it will take some time to build it. While the price is listed as $2,950, you can expect that go up depending on the materials that you choose and shipping and handling.

Available for purchase on Etsy


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1 thought on “The Library Chair – the best place for books and buns”

  1. Beyond the astronomical price, this chair looks hella uncomfortable to sit in, especially for extended periods, like those when you get lost in a book.

    A priori, I have to give this item a fail…

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