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Library books can be easily shelved with ShelvAR

When I was in the 8th grade, I did some time in a library, shelving some books. If you have never done painstaking work like this, I highly don’t recommend it. I remember we that this one biographies section where books had to be organized not by number, but by person. I sure could have used ShelvAR back then. ShelvAR is a augmented reality program that can read all the call numbers, and can determine if they are in the proper order. It is being developed by a team of researchers at Miami University’s Augmented Reality Research Group, and there is a video of it after the jump being demonstrated with a Galaxy Tab. You can see that it looks at a whole shelf of books and puts an X on the one out of place. It can then direct the user to where he or she has to go to make certain there is a row of green check marks. I can’t help but wonder why any librarian that has a tablet PC or smartphone can’t use this. Then again, could we create some shelving robot that can do this? For that matter, how long are we going to need to shelve books in a digital age? I guess libraries will still have books for the next few decades or so.

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  1. One of the key things is that each book has a QR code on the spine that allows it to be read. To re-do an entire library collection this way would take quite a bit of time. I do agree that in the future it could save time too, though. It’s a great start, that’s for sure!

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