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Liberty Games introduces Internet Meme Themed Pinball

internet-meme-pinballThe pinball machine is one of the classic “toys” so to speak, that hail from the U.S., and I am quite sure that your parents would have busted their fair share of quarters while they were much younger. Having said that, Liberty Games intends to rekindle a love affair with the pinball machine with their latest creation that bridges the gap between the old and the new – thanks to the Internet Meme Themed Pinball machine.

Liberty Games is an old hand at creating hundreds of customized games in the years gone by, where this latest creation of theirs would make use of an old pinball machine, but they have given it a new lease of life along the way. Adding onto it is a full vinyl wrap as part of the restoration process, and you will find that it offers more than just images of Internet memes on the side, where 3D printing technology was used to roll out the likes of Grumpy Cat, Doge and an Actual Advice Mallard to be placed inside. The table also sports the Raspberry Pi, where it will make use of the Pi & the Pi-Face interface board in order to hook up the electro-mechanical relays, so that the LCD display can be connected, where specific in-game actions would lead to the playback of meme related videos.

Pretty surreal, don’t you think so?