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LG’s 77 inch, ULTRA high Definition TV Throws us a Curve


One of the many highlights at yesterdays CES Unveiled event in NYC was certainly LG’s spectacular 77 inch OLED Ultra HD TV. The unit was super sexy, with an amazing softly curved screen, astonishingly thin profile, and with a picture quality that could make a grown man weep.

In case you haven’t heard of ULTRA HD (and the industry isn’t sure we have) it is poised to be the biggest and best thing in display tech and you can rest assured, it will be coming to a living room near you. Here’s the short explanation, today’s 1920 x 1080 resolution Full HD TVs present us with an image of around 2 megapixels, but this new generation of screens is delivering an 8 megapixel image from hi-res cameras. So we’re talking an image quality a ridiculous 4 times as good as a regular HD TV!

LG was one of the first to launch a commercially available OLED TV and has outdone itself yet again with it’s new Ultra HD version. The set spans 77 inches diagonally with the picture that uses every inch of panel space, which includes a gentle curvature precisely designed to completely fill your field of vision.

It’s true, Ultra HD 4K TV’s are on their way from most of the major contenders, and it looks like it will be the way of the future for broadcast TV, Blu-ray and even our friends in Hollywood have already started shooting movies in Ultra HD, and  the sets have the ability to upconvert, making everything you already have, look so much better. So get me some popcorn please, extra butter!