The LG Xnote P210

LG has been putting out a lot of interesting products just in time for CES 2011. I’ve heard in advance that they are going to unveil a lot of 3D TVs, and it looks like another grand product that will be on display is this particular notebook computer.

This is the LG Xnote P210, which has the world’s thinnest bezel. Yes, I am not certain how thin it is, but it has a 12.5 inch screen that fits in a 11.6 footprint. I still don’t have an exact number figure on the bezel.

Other features of this notebook computer include a 1.33GHz Intel Core i5 470UM processor, Intel HD integrated graphics (which I’m told is pretty weak if this user wants to play AION), 320GB hard drive, and DDR3 RAM.

Of course, I don’t think that there is any entry in Guinness Book of World Records about the thinnest bezel. I think many people are concerned about the largest or smallest screen, but the bezel tends to get avoided as far as the largest and smallest are concerned. Heh-heh. Bezel. What a funny word.

It certainly is a very pretty notebook PC, and the Xnote P210 should be available in Korea in February for about $1,135.


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